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Peeking at Reaper’s surveillance operations

In this blogpost you will find the results of a survey conducted by our analysts on two Command and Control servers (C2s) of the North Korea-nexus intrusion set Reaper (aka APT37). This investigation led...

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SEKOIA.IO analysis of the #VulkanFiles leak

In January 2023, French newspaper Le Monde offered SEKOIA.IO to cooperate on investigating exfiltrated Russian-written documents related to the...

How to improve data collection from endpoints? (tutorial 2023)

Because collecting data from endpoints can sometimes be a pain (to say the least), SEKOIA.IO provides its own agent allowing to...

Stealc: a copycat of Vidar and Raccoon infostealers gaining in popularity – Part 2

This blogpost is a technical analysis of Stealc infostealer, detailing different characteristics of the malware, including anti analysis, strings...

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