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Research & Threat Intelligence

Overview of the Russian-speaking infostealer ecosystem: the logs

This blog post aims at presenting the life cycle of logs, the cybercrime marketplaces dedicated to logs and the noticeable schemes recently used by threat actors to exploit the stolen data.

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APT28 leverages multiple phishing techniques to target Ukrainian civil society

The APT28 intrusion set (aka. Sofacy, PawnStorm, Fancy Bear), associated to the Russian GRU was observed using multiple phishing...

Bluenoroff’s RustBucket campaign

In April 2023, fellow security researchers at Jamf published a report on Bluenoroff’s RustBucket, a newly observed malware targeting...

Iran Cyber Threat Overview

This blogpost aims at understanding and contextualising cyber malicious activities associated with Iran-nexus intrusions sets over the 2022-2023 period.

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