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Research & Threat Intelligence

Command & Control infrastructures tracked by Sekoia.io in 2022

Throughout 2022, SEKOIA.IO's Threat & Detection Research (TDR) team continued to proactively track and monitor the Command & Control (C2) infrastructures set up and used by cybercriminal or state sponsored intrusion sets to carry...

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What's next

SEKOIA.IO Ransomware Threat Landscape – second-half 2022

This blogpost aims at analysing and highlighting trends within the ransomware ecosystem in the second half of 2022

Stealc: a copycat of Vidar and Raccoon infostealers gaining in popularity – Part 1

This blogpost aims at presenting the activities of the Stealc’s alleged developer, a technical analysis of the malware and...

One Year After: The Cyber Implications of the Russo-Ukrainian War

As the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian conflict started on 24 February 2022 is about to mark its first year anniversary, Sekoia.io...

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